Joseph (feat. H2Boss)

from by Wiseman

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Now Israel loved Joseph more than all his children, because he was the son of his old age: and he made him a coat of many colors.
and when his brethren saw that their Father loved him more than all his brethren, they hated him.

Genesis 37 verse 3 and 4

Verse 1:
Now Jacob had a son Joseph (Joseph)
He made his son a coat of many colors (colors)
Cause Joseph was his favorite son (favorite son)
But he was hated by all his brothers (brothers)
And it was murder that was in they hearts (in they hearts)
That they hated Joseph from the very start (start)
For his father’s love and his bravery (bravery)
So they sold him into slavery (slavery)
In those days it was the Egyptians
Deep inside the pyramids they made inscriptions
Sold him to a life that was very hard
They sold him to the master of Pharaohs guard
But God was wit him see the whole time
A gifted prophet he could read signs
Potiphars wife had her own designs
She wanted sex but he declined
There’s no fury like a scorned woman
And Joseph didn’t even see it coming
And there was really no where he could bail
And so they came and through him in jail
Coat of many colors

And it came to past that his masters wife cast her eyes upon
And she said lie with me
And she caught him by his garment
And he left his garment in her hand
And fled and got himself out
Genesis 39 verse 12

Verse 2:
She cried rape
Potiphars wife
Through him in jail for that part of his life
And the butler and the baker had a dream one night
And we heard what you can do so can you help us
Baker you’ll loose your head
They’ll be no more baking bread
But the butler you’ll be back inside the palace instead
Don’t forget what I said
He remembered his pledge
When Pharaoh was having dreams
And he wanted them read
Oh truly tremendous one if I may speak
Met a man in jail with a strange technique
His name was Joseph
And he knew the riddles of sleep
How come…
Because I’m here and the bakers deceased
Then Pharaoh passed a decree
Bring Joseph to me
He can make heads or tales of these dreams I see
And Joseph did
Sai better store water and wheat
Cause droughts coming to Egypt
And they’ll be nothing to eat
My name’s…

And the seven years of famine began to come
And when the land of Egypt was famished the people cried to Pharaoh for bread
And the famine was over all the face of the earth
Genesis 41 verse 55
I rock a coat of many colors

Verse 3:
Seven long years famine not feast
But Joseph packed granaries with water and wheat
And the land didn’t thirst and the people could eat
To show their gratitude they gave him a high seat
Getting carried through the market place
He came on a scene
An argument over food
Was out of a dream
Lo and behold his brothers
He started to scheme
A test to see if they changed from cruel and mean
And he whispered to his guard
Here take this cup
Stash it in they coat
When they get up
Accuse’em of robbery
Bring’em to me with they stuff
And we will test their hearts
A magnificent bluff
And the guard went forth
Executed the plan
Delivered the brothers straight into Josephs hands
These most unworthy ones were caught steeling and ran
Didn’t recognize Joseph with his Egyptian tan
Who stolen from Egypt this cup of silver and gold
Steeling is death if truth be told
By the way how’s your father son he must be old
What is your name, Benjamin
You’ll pay the price that’s owed
Then Judah pleaded master I must be heard
Spare the boy Mighty One we gave father our word
Take me instead of him
For this is surely preferred
Joseph responded
You saved yourself with your words
Oh my lost brethren cant you see
The one you sold in slavery long ago is me
My Lord our God works magnificently
Could of taken your lives
But I’m a set yaw free
My name’s…

And Joseph said unto his brethren
I am Joseph
And his brethren could not answer him;
For they were troubled by his presence
And Joseph said unto his brethren
Come near to me, I pray thee
It was not you who sent me hither
But God
I rock a coat of many colors
Genesis 45 verse 3


from The Chronicles Vol. 1, released November 11, 2016



all rights reserved


Wiseman Long Beach, California


The Ancient of Days has no beginning and no end. A Wiseman will always be just as wisdom has always been. For truth comes from the Infinite Spirit, and is manifest throughout the entire universe, existing for an eternity. ... more

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